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Cedar Creek Apiaries - "The Honey Lady"

with the honey you REMEMBER!!

You'll find Carol, the "Honey Lady", on the south hill

overlooking the gorgeous Guttenberg valley.

Give her a call for a jar of "sweet remembrance": 563-252-3220

And if she happens to be in the field with her marvelous honey bees and you can't get her,

leave her a message and she WILL call you back as soon as she can!!

She'll offer you a taste of her basswood and wildflower honeys.

It's a tasty treat to take along home.

Carol's bees are trained to be gentle and produce nothing but the finest in sweetness.

You can watch her extract the honey in her honey house at Millville.


You can purchase a jar of Carol's basswood or wildflower honey at the overlook

or give her a call:


Tell her you saw her on the web.

Keep your tasty honey in a beautiful crystal honey jar from Kann Imports

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