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Woodstock Family Musical Instruments

Woodstock Chimes Collection

The original precision-tuned, high quality windchime

created by Grammy Award winning musician Garry Kvistad!

Garry has been designing windchimes for 30 years. He has an amazing ability to combine sound and color into the world's favorite windchimes.
Heroic Wind Bell 40" $110 - The hollow bell chamber acts like an ogan pipe and the tone resembles the sound of distance harbor bells

Give us a call and we'll play any chime for you!!


Woodstock PRECIOUS STONES chimes. Each is 12" long and $10

Woodstock CHAKRA CHIME each chime is 17.5" long ($20) (jade no longer available)

Precious Stones chimes also available in Jade and Rose Quartz and Turquoise
Precious Stone chimes to the left and Chakara Chimes to the right.
Jade Harp 15" $25
Heroic Chime 24" $72.50
Heroic Chime 40" $110
Moonlight Waves - Copper $20.99
Moonlight Waves - Evergreen $20.99
Moonligh Waves - Midnight $20.99
Desk Gong 12" tall $57.50

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