Our Stein Collection

"The beautiful colors, the quality of workmanship, the subjects in the designs

are what makes a German stein the finest in the world."

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Munchen Stein 9" tall $105
Koln Relief Stein 9.5" tall $105

A quality pewter lid will keep beer cold longer and retain its freshness, flavor and sparkle.

Edelweiss Stein 10" tall $79.50
Castle on the Rhine 13.25"tall $325
Eagle Stein pewter top 12"tall $232.50

Serious beer drinkers know that a beer can be enhanced by drinking from the right vessel.

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Stein showing herbs foxglove, corncockle, spring pheasant's eye 10"tall $79.50
Buffalo Hunt 12.5"tall $265

We include an information card about our steins, their use and creation with each purchase.



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