The Danish Christmas Plate Collection

began in 1895 with a plate titled "Behind the Frozen Window" by the Bing & Grondahl company.

The Royal Copenhagen firm began making their own Christmas Plate in 1908 with a plate titled "Maria with Child".

We Keep A Complete Set of Each Collection Displayed in Our Store

All of our plates are FIRST QUALITY plates. (We do not trade on the secondary market.)

Can we help you with a story page for a plate? See below.

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The 2019 Danish Mother's Day and Christmas plate designs

have just been released from Denmark.

"Chopping Firewood" Bing & Grondahl plae 2019 7" wide
"Meeting in The Field" Royal Copenhagen plate 2019 7" wide
"The Christmas Tree Market" Royal Copenhagen plate 2018 7" wide
"Winter Lanscape" Bing & Grondahl plate 2018 7" wide
"Walk at the Lakes" Royal Copenhagen plate 2017 7"wide
"Waiting for Father" Bing & Grondahl plate 2017 7"wide
"Ice Skating in Copenhagen" Royal Copenhagen plate 2016 7" wide $109
"Hans Christian Andersen home in Odense" Bing & Grondahl plate 2016 7"wide $109

2015 Danish Mother's Day and Christmas plates.

"Waiting for Santa" Royal Copenhagen plate 2015 7" $99
"Santa With His Christmas Sled" Bing & Grondahl plate 2015 $99

2014 Danish Mother's Day and Christmas plates.

2014 Blue Tit Birds 6" wide $74.50
"Hans Christian Andersen" Royal Copenhagen plate 2014 7" $99
"Sleigh Ride in the Midnight Snow" Bing & Grondahl plate for 2014 7" $99

These are the Christmas and Mother's Plates for 2013.

"Copenhagen Harbor" by Royal Copenhagen for 2013 7" wide
"Light in the Snow" by Bing & Grondahl for 2013 7" wide

These are the Christmas and Mother's Plates for 2012.

They are in the store and ready for our customers. Just give us a call on 800-252-2072.

"Sailing in the North Sea" by Royal Copenhagen for 2012 7" wide
"Inviting Santa" by Bing & Grondahl for 2012 7" wide

We have a complete collection of Bing & Grondahl Mother's Plates

starting with the very first Mother's plate in 1969. You can look at them all right here.

When you are gifting any of your plates to the next generation

the treasure of the plate is the story of the design. We can help you with a page of the story.

Give us a call (800-252-2072) or email (

$3 per page, plus $1.95 mailing charges (any number of pages),

Please call for a price. The price will vary by the year and how many were created that year. 800-252-2072

We'll try to help as best we can. We are showing the plates we have currently on hand in the store.

Transfer the stories of your Danish Christmas Plate collection to the next generation with a reference book of each year with its story. There is a separate book for each collection, Bing & Grondahl or Royal Copenhagen $40. Our books are updated annually, we even have the 2015 story pages already!

Click on the picture to see an enlargement.

"Bringing Home the Christmas Tree"2005 Christmas Plate by Bing & Grondahl 7"wide

"Hans Christian Andersen's House"2005 Christmas Plate by Royal Copenhagen 7"wide

Did you forget the 2004 series? Give us a call. 800-252-2072.

We try to keep one of each of them in our complete collections.

"The Christmas Tree" by Bing & Grondahl 7"wide

"Awaiting the Christmas Train" by Royal Copenhagen 7"wide

In honor of their 100th anniversary.

Remember this original plate by Royal Copenhagen? You can view the original plate in our store but now you can have a reproduction. 6" diameter $105



See the Bing & Grondahl Commemorative Plate collection right here

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