Music Boxes by Cottage Garden

Musical Keepsakes for Grandma, Mom, Sister,

Daughter and the Dancer in Your Life

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Daughter Ballerina Music Box $39.95 (granddaughter box out of stock)
Dance Among the Stars Music Box $39.95
Here is the beautiful ballerina that spins to the music inside the Dance music boxes above!
Grandma Music Box 6"x4" $24 (PR178)
Grandma Heart Music Box 4" x 3.5" $24 (HM6028)
Grandma Music Box 6"x4" $24 (PM5002)
Granddaughter Music Box 6"x4" $24 (PR107)
Daughter Music Box 6"x4" $24 (PM5000)
Daughter Music Box 6" x 4" $24 (PR174)
Live To Be100 Music Box 8" x 6" $31 (MB1858)
25th Anniversary Heart Music Box 4" x 3.5" $24 (HMC9000S)
Happy Anniversary Heart Music Box 4" x 3.5" $24 (HM6030)

Dear Aunt Heart Music Box 4"x 3.5" $24 (HM6038C)

Mother Music Box w/ Pink Flowers $31 (MB363)
Mom Music Box 8"x6" $31 (OMB129)
Mother Music Box 8"x6" $31 (PR127)
Mom Heart Music Box 4" x 3.5" $24 (HM6034)
Mother Music Box 6"x4" $24 (PM5533)
Baby Girl Heart Music Box 4"x3.5" $24 (HM6027P)
Little One Music Box 8"x6" $31 (MB125)
Christening Music Box 6"x4" $24 (PMC8005)
Baby Boy Heart Music Box 4"x3.5" $24 (HM6039BL)



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