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Just the right size brass holder to display any Lalique Ornament. 7"tall $4.95

Sitting Cat 8.5"tall $1,675

Crouching Cat 4.5"tall $1,675

We have both cats now. You're welcome to stop in and "pet the cat".

Then you'll understand what we mean when we say "this is the lead crystal that is caressably soft".

Lalique Crystal

Find annual Lalique ornaments right here

Click on the picture to see a larger view.

They are called ashtrays but forbid any ashes ever touch this gorgeous crystal !!
Duncan Box and matching Flacons (11380, 11381, 11383) (retired)
Anna Ashtray (10721) .25"tall $370
Irene Ashtray (10701) .5"tall $255 (retired)

Put direction in your life and own a piece of this crystal culture.

Tokyo Ashtray (10739) 1"tall $350 (retired)

Click on the picture to see a larger view.

"While the seal is small, it's beauty is timeless. These are each retired. No longer made." Barbara
Caravelle (10711) 2.5"tall $295(retired)
Leaping Fish (10717) 3"tall $325(retired)
Partridge (10611) 2"tall $260(retired)
The small dish, the ring dish with figure in the center can be a start for your collection of crystal culture. Click on any picture to see it enlarged.
Bastia (10708) 4"tall $295(retired)
Pair of Swans (10714) 3"tall $495
Finch (10705) 2"tall $395
Eagle (10756) 4"tall $295(retired)
Nightingale (10752) 2"tall $295 (retired)
Love Birds (10706) 1.5 "tall $345
Owl (10710) 3"tall $295 (retired)
Partridge (10715) 3"tall $295 (retired)
Pheasant (10713) 4"tall $295 (retired)
Turtle Dove (10716) 3"tall $295 (retired
Roxane (10755) 3"tall $350 (retired)

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