Quilt design Cats by Jim Shore

Heartwood Creek Collection

of Cats both big and small.


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The story of Fred, by Cindy

Last night I discovered I have to be a referee when feeding cats. Fred gets a dry cat food and because he's special we buy him canned cat food as well. So once a day he gets that. Last night I fed him and heard a growling sound and here's the stray mother cat staring down Fred, who never stands up for himself. She starts to eat his food. I feed her in a differents place but no she wants Fred's food. Now I have to stand there to keep her at bay. Then the stray gray cat appears and he sneaks up, so I coaxed him to another dish. He turned up his nose and came back, by that time the mother cat is back at Fred's dish, scooting her away again, and standing there, then I see this really pretty half grown golden kitty at the edge of the deck meowing....so I get a little more feed and put that down for that kitty. No more than get back to my station by Fred and another little kitty jumps out of the tree right in front of me! Holy cow!! Word must be out that Fred is "eating good in the neighborhood".

Fred has been bathing in the limelight of your booklet and has decided to play the celebrity card with us. I feed him inside on the porch and when he's finished, we insist he goes back outside, but Fred rolls around on his back, stretchhhhhhhing, paws straight out, delaying as long as possible his exit. But then, does he leave, no......he gets like a spoiled child in a store, all loosy goosy and I have to scoop him up and unceremoniously try to open the door and get him out while trying to keep his 7 other cat friends from screaming in to clean up his leftovers! I'm sure you get the picture!


Fred the cat

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 Jim Shore's charming designs combine the look of quilting with the texture of wood carving for a handcrafted folk art appeal.


"Felicity" 6.75" tall $20

"Jasper" 5.75"tall $20

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