Icy Acrylics Collection

Dazzling with Lighted Sparkle

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Acrylic Baby Elephants about 4"tall $15.50 each
Lighted Angels with Puppies 5"tall $19.50 each
Playful Kittens about 5"tall $17.99 each
Playful Kittens about 5"tall $17.99 each
Guardian Angel (lighted) $19.75
Angel with Heart, Star or Bird (lighted) $25.50 each
Cardinal on acrylic pinecone ornament 3.3" tall $9 ea. (2 styles)
Icy Acrylic Dragon (lighted) 17" long $105
Acrylic Panda Bears ( 3 styles) $14.50 each
Acrylic Turtle Candy Jar (magnetic lid) $26.50
Icy Frosty tree in 9", 10" or 12"
Icy Winter House (lighted) $35 6"tall
Icy Tree with Birds 12.5" tall $24.95
Lamp Post with Squirrel $21
Cardinals on Holly Leaves ornaments 3" tall $6 each
Winter Birds on Ice Cube ornament 3.3" tall $6.50 each
Winter Birds on Pinecone 3.5" $5.75 each
Acrylic Lighted Angels/6.5" or 5.5" $27.50 each

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