Looks like German, but it's for fun

like a nice Alpine felt hat,

jiggle jumpers, just pull the string

and watch them jump.


Click on any picture for an enlarged view.


Why is this jolly monk so happy?

See here......

Remember the little jumper pull string toys we had as kids?

Just PULL the string and they'll jump, legs and arms.

Little Jumper kids. She has an apron

5" $4.00/7.5" (Girl) 8" $10.99 (Boy)/10" $13.99 Each

More Little Jumper Kid with a black hat 5" $4.00

Colorful Kissing Couples Salt & Pepper Shakers

Magnetic German Couple 4" tall $11.99

Magnetic Norsk Couple 4" tall $11.99
Magnetic Irish Couple 4" tall $11.99

Stein Salt & Pepper Shakers


More of German Fun Stuff !

Alpine Green Wool Hat $36.99 Size M & L
Wool Fisherman Hat $37.99 Size M


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